Woman: Hi, Tom. How was your dinner at Susan’s last week?


Tom:        Terrible.


Woman:   Terrible? Why? What happened? Did you get sick?


Tom:        Well, sick of one person. I sat next to this guy … Marvin.


Woman:   What was the problem?


Tom:                Well. I introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Thomas Johnson, but people call me Tom.”


Woman:   So far, so good.


Tom:                Yeah, But then he says, “Marvin, Marvin Martin.”


Woman:   No problem so far.


Tom:                Then he says, “But you probably know me as Marvo the Mysterious.”


Woman:   Marvo the what?!


Tom:                Mysterious … I have no idea what he’s talking about and I start laughing.


Woman:   What does he say?


Tom:                Oh, he’s angry. It turns out he’s some kind of magician. No wonder he was wearing his top hat.



Woman:   Oh.


Tom:                I try to be nice. I say, “So, do you do children’s birthday parties and stuff?”


Woman:   Yeah, and?


Tom:                Now he’s really angry! “I do not do children’s birthday parties! I am a professional magician! I have my own show. Hundreds of people come to see me!”



Woman:   Wow. So, He’s really well-known?



Tom:                I don’t think so. Hundreds of people? That’s nothing. By this point, I don’t care any more. So I say to him, “OK, let’s see a magic trick then.” The other people around the table are listening and they want to see him do something, too.




Woman:   So, what does he do?



Tom:                First, he asks for a pair of scissors and then he asks me for my tie. I take it off and give it to him. I’m sitting right next to him, so he can’t fool me. Sure enough, he takes the scissors and cuts my tie in half, and then gives the two pieces back to me. So I say, “Great! Now put it back together.”





Woman:   And he did?


Tom:                No. He just smiled at me – and everyone laughed.

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